• At Greywave, we work with you to understand your needs, identity resources that can help, and put a plan in place.

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Senior Care Consulting

At Greywave, we charge a single fee to develop the most effective, affordable and practical plan for you and your family members.  

Friends and family members often don’t know what their loved ones need, what’s available, or how to help.

At Greywave, we understand what services and funding are available through government programs, community resources, and private companies.


"You have shown compassion for the emotional experiences that are so very much a part of caring respectfully for family members facing unsettling changes."

-Deborah J. Fleming

"With Marie-Claire’s support, we have a new found peace and confidence.   We know that as challenges arise we will work with Marie-Claire again to find clarity and make the best plan possible."

-Laura MacLean