Are You Stumped on What to Buy the Senior in your Life?

posted in: Christmas

I have a theory about gifts for seniors. The older a person gets, the harder it is to buy gifts for them because they’ve had a lifetime to buy whatever it is they needed or wanted. With that in mind, I have come up with some gift ideas for the older person in your life.  

Great food gifts you can buy

Food baskets are great, as you can get their favorite foods or items they may never have tried before. You can order these from the grocery store or specialty shops or to save money you can shop yourself and do up a basket.

Great food gifts you can make

If buying is out of your financial range, then bake or cook up some favorite or special meals and package these up in serving sizes, so they can be frozen and eaten later. Or give a handmade gift voucher to deliver these on a weekly or monthly basis. You could even go bake and cook at their place and learn how to make their favorite recipes (grand kids are you reading this?).  

Great meal delivery options

Not much of a cook? You can purchase home-delivered meals. Besides the local restaurants that deliver, in Halifax, you can order Meals on Wheels to deliver a full meal daily, Monday to Friday, for $8 a meal 902-429-4299 or VON Frozen Favourites at $7 each and delivered once a week  902-454-5755.  

Gifts of something to do

Other than food,  I like gifts that I can enjoy with someone, such as movie or theater tickets that the whole family can attend later in the season. It’s great to have something to look forward to after the busy holiday season.

A big-ticket item is an iPad with lessons. This is a great way for a grandchild to spend time with their grandparent. Older adults are the largest growing users of Facebook. It allows them to stay connected with family. The library offers free one-hour one-on-one tutoring on technology.  There’s lots of games that keep your mind active. The library has e-books too where print can be enlarged or even become a talking book. If they find Pinterest, you may never hear from them again.

Practical and helpful

There are also some practical items like a wireless headset for the TV, safety accessories for the bathroom like a tub grab bar, tub mat, handheld shower or a tub seat.

Services that come to their home

You could pay the monthly subscription fee for an emergency alert system like Northwood InTouch  902-492-3346.

Purchase other in-home services like a cleaner (Pelley’s Cleaning  902-292-6961), hair care (Jennifer Colbert’s Mobile Hair Services  902-402-0123)  and footcare (Marcienne Toe to Sole  902-434-6070).

For someone with dementia

If you need gifts for someone with dementia, Keeping Busy is an international company that is close by, in Stonehurst, Lunenburg County. They specialize in activities for different stages of dementia 800-834-8290).

Another great gift might be a personalized wall calendar with family photos, birthdays and special occasions written on it. You can get them done up at Walmart, Costco or Staples.

And of course, if all else fails, there’s always  fruitcake. I like the dark kind myself.