• We can help you identify and access the services you need to stay in your home or transition to other living environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At a time of crisis and overwhelming change in your lives, Greywave helps you identify what you need, what’s available, and how to access it. Here is one example: If an aging parent living alone has dementia, we help you put in place services to enable your Mom or Dad to live more safely in their home, or transition to a new living environment like assisted living.

Anyone at a time of change in their lives who needs additional assistance can benefit from our assessment of their situation and advice for dealing with it. We prepare comprehensive plans for people who have mobility issues, challenges caring for a loved one, have declining cognitive abilities, have recently been discharged from hospital, have recently been widowed, have lost a primary caregiver, or wish to spend their final days at home.

With our professional experience working with hundreds of clients, we can thoroughly assess your needs in a short time and help you navigate a complex system and identify the services you require. We will put in a place a comprehensive plan that allows you to efficiently access the best services available in your community. Quickly identifying and accessing appropriate services will help provide peace of mind for clients and their families.

It starts with a phone call or an email to Greywave. We will quickly get in contact with you to tell you about how we can help you, with no obligation on your part. If you want to work with the Greywave team, we will come to your home to assess your circumstances and needs. Then we will develop and write a comprehensive plan outlining the specific services you require and how to access them.

Our comprehensive plan provides you with a step-by-step guide to accessing the services we have identified that you need. In addition, Greywave will make the first contact with your service providers, and ensure they deliver the services you need. On an ongoing basis, service providers will manage the day-to-day provision of services for you and your family

You can contact Greywave at any time to discuss your needs. We often can meet your needs over the phone, or we can visit your home again to reassess your needs and develop a new comprehensive care plan that meets those needs.